Thursday, January 22, 2009


Lay, Pitman has developed a design for the “Ultimate” long-range Mothership. It is a design which features both the long-range capabilities and outfitting required of a world-wide sport fishing or sport diving support vessel, and all of the amenities and conveniences of a world-class yacht.
For the prospective owner the new design is flexible enough that it can be adapted for either new construction or the conversion of an existing vessel.
We understand, for a true fishing enthusiast, time spent on overseeing the acquisition, design, and conversion of existing vessel is time spent away from fishing. To ensure that an owner will have ample time for fishing, LP&A has the ability to either locate, survey, and prepare engineering documentation for an existing vessel conversion or complete design packages can be prepared, submitted for pricing, and construction for a new vessel, all done in a timely fashion.
For the new Mothership design particular attention will be focused on the mechanical, piping air-conditioning, and fresh water systems on board the vessel. Mechanical and electronic packages to suit the owner’s requests are no problem and can be accommodated into the design. Lay, Pitman, and Associates' piping systems are designed for ease of maintenance and durability. Computerized HVAC systems will ensure the comfort of the owner, guest, and crew. Freshwater wash down systems for the sport fishing boat and tackle equipment are a must and have been carefully considered.
To further complement the Mothership’s support roll; tackle rooms, dive gear storage and deck storage rooms are incorporated into the design. With established relations with Robert Carmichael of Brownies Third Lung the vessel could be capable of being outfitted with the most advanced and state of the art dive support equipment; such as tank fill stations with oxygen generator and nitrox maker, compression chambers, mini submersibles, and digital development labs.

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