Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Argosy VII Casino Nearing Completion in Lawrenceburg, IN

The Argosy property (Penn National Gaming) in Lawrenceburg will be replacing their existing Casino boat with a new and unusual vessel. The new vessel will be restrained in place by a series of huge hydraulic cylinders to maintain a fixed position level with the landside access walkways and the adjacent building - all unaffected by rising river levels.
Lay, Pitman & Associates provided naval architecture and marine engineering services for the vessel. The vessel is self-propelled by four 1000 HP azimuth Z-drive units. ABS Consulting Group will be the regulatory agency and certify the vessel under the new Indiana Alternate Compliance Regulations.
The 504 ft. x 270 ft. platform will offer two levels of gaming for the 12,338 person capacity. Browning, Day, Mullins and Dierdorf are the landside architects on the project.