Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New 106m Luxurious 36 Passenger Yacht
LP&A is currently working on a new build design of a 344 ft. x 64 ft. Luxury Yacht. There are many unique features planned for this design including a game room with a gyroscopic pool table, an underwater observation area, a large atrium with glass elevator, a large hangar bay, and deck storage with launching capabilities for multiple sport fishing boats. It also has two helicopter pads with an optional third pad, port and starboard waterline shell doors for recreational vessel access, and "GREEN" philosophies through-out. This new Luxurious Mega Yacht is sure to provide the "WOW" that accompanies all of Lay, Pitman and Associates’ designs.


  1. The design of this luxurious passenger yacht is very good. But I see that the superstructure is placed at the front. I think it will influence the position of longitudinal center of gravity or LCG. The ship might trim forward. Who do you balance it? With ballast water, or just enlarging the bow?

  2. Our design dose include a treated saltwater ballast system. This will maintain the proper trim and heel at any loading condition and will be environmentally friendly. We have many vessels in operation with the forward superstructure design, which supports the viability of the system.